MOTAMO is a powerful word search utility designed for Scrabble, Wordox or other word games.

If you play Scrabble on your computer, and your competitors don't object to an "open-computer-tool" policy, you'll enjoy this software. Please do not use it to cheat.

Motamo Find anagrams, extensions, prefixes, suffixes, all possible bonus (that score 50 bonus points for using all seven tiles) ...perform advanced searches and unscramble any set of letters.

Motamo also has a word checker that can be used to quickly validate any word.

Compact, simple, and extremely effective.

A MUST-HAVE for all players Scrabble, Wordox and other online word games

Features :
Check validity of words
Find anagrams
Find words from a set of letters
Find hooks and extensions
Advanced searches
Find words build by adding a letter to the base word
Print results
Find words that fit the known letters in a crossword answer
3 official Scrabble dictionaries (US,UK and combined)
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 for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven / Windows 8

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